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Out of Hibernation!

by Mike DePilla
Monday, February 28, 2011
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In the time before 2011, before Rahmageddon, before Snowmageddon, long before Facebook took down Mubarak, back in the days when Two and a Half Men was a functioning sitcom, Carmelo Anthony was a Nugget and Jay Cutler wasn't such a wuss, there was a blog called White Sox Mix.

Said blog brought you irreverent and sometimes irrelevant news and analysis about the Chicago White Sox. News and analysis that the mainstream media didn't have the guts to publish, mainly because they were too busy covering less esoteric news and didn't have any interest in random Simpsons allusions.

The past two months without those random musings has, no doubt, been a dark time for you all. Distraught, Jim Margalus folded up shop at Sox Machine and began a new life at South Side Sox. (Much-belated congrats on the gig, Jim, by the way.) JJ Stankevitz at White Sox Examiner and James Fegan at White Sox Observer ... apparently did not go on a sympathy strike, as both continued to churn out quality material that only served to make me look bad. (Thanks, guys.)

It's been a long eleven weeks, in which time I shoveled a heap of snow, learned the true meaning of Penguin Awareness Day (January 20, for those not in the know), bought two new pairs of shoes, discovered the true meaning of National Kazoo Day (January 28, come on guys), shoveled some more and then finally lost track of all time celebrating International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (February 23).

But now, with all those undertakings behind me, I return! And what better time than the day of the first pre-season game! Yes, for the first time nine players in matching White Sox jerseys will trot out onto the field at the same time this afternoon to formally prove there is a light at the end of the long, cold tunnel that is winter, one Cactus League inning at a time. To make matters even better, we'll all actually be able to see it- this afternoon's Sox/Dodgers contest will be televised on MLB Network!

If you need more proof/more rites of spring, the Tribune reprinted their annual "Sox focusing on fundamentals" article yesterday, replete with obligatory photo of a speedster/slap-hitter working on bunting. (In the paper the photo was Juan Pierre bunting; on the web it's Pierre in a rundown- the other fundamental staple). It's not really spring training until we get the fundamental article at least once, a tradition that goes back not just to Guillen's first years with the Sox, nor to Jerry Manuel's attempt to turn around Bevi-ball, but likely all the way back to the days of hieroglyphics, as historians have now deciphered the meaning of the ancient carving at right as "White Sox Manager Stresses Fundamentals."

Will this be the year Sox outfielders learn to hit the cut off man, and Sox hitters learn to successfully sacrifice bunt? This and many other questions to be answered in the coming days, weeks and months. Sit back, relax and strap it down boys and girls, White Sox baseball is back in season.


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