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A Heartbreaking Loss and Two Surprising Waiver Clearers

by Mike DePilla
Wednesday, August 18, 2010
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Everyone hates that guy who has to point out the silver lining in everything, who has to be the eternally positive ray of sunshine and optimism amid a flurry of heartbreak and anger.

You know, the guy who, after the Sox most crushing loss of the season, tells everyone all the bright spots when you just want to be mad as hell. Like the fact that the Sox bats didn't roll over and die after the disastrous 1st inning, or that they got to closer Matt Capps, who already has two blown saves with his new team, or that all the rallies prove it's a whole new ballgame in Minnesota now.

Well, I'm not that guy, so don't worry. The Sox just lost their third game in a row in which they were leading in the 8th inning or later. They lost to the hand of Jim Thome, who everyone but their stubborn field manager regrets not resigning. They squandered multiple late-inning rallies that could have given them a win in regulation. And they fell a full four games out of first place. So yeah, I'm definitely upset.

And what's the deal with "Cy" Guerrier? The guy has seven losses on the season, but hasn't allowed anything against the Sox. In eight appearances spanning 8.1 innings, he's given up zero runs on only three hits and no walks. In his career, Guerrier has a lower BAA (.199) and WHIP (0.94) against the Sox than against any other American League team.

"That guy" probably does have some good points though. Capps is anything but lock down, and the Sox may have shaken his and Jon Rauch's confidence with late inning runs. Alexei Ramirez, while having a terrible at bat in the 6th inning, more than made up for it with his 9th inning homer and 10th inning RBI single. Even whipping boys Mark Kotsay and AJ Pierzynski had very good days at the plate.

As upsetting of a loss as it was, it will be fascinating to see how they come back tonight against Francisco Liriano. Despite the emotional roller coaster, a Sox win tonight will be the same net result as a extra-inning inning win last night followed by a low scoring loss today. One win, one loss.

The Sox only needed to win one or two games in this series. They can still do that if they're as resilient as they seemed last night. Forget the talk of retaliation, or hits batsmen. The only statement worth a damn the Sox can make tonight is a W.


I'm not sure if this will matter to the Sox or not by the end of this week, but Rotoworld.com is reporting that two pretty solid left-handed bats have somewhat surprisingly cleared waivers: the Arizona Diamondbacks' Adam LaRoche and the Colorado Rockies' Brad Hawpe.

If the Sox are still in this race, these guys are both worth a serious look to bolster the offense. I still prefer the big splash of Carlos Beltran, and it's unlikely Ozzie wants anyone to take at bats away from Mark Kotsay anyway, but at least the Sox have some viable options now if they're interested.

More on waiver candidates tomorrow.


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