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Floyd, Bats Getting Job Done

by Mike DePilla
Wednesday, July 28, 2010
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So, what's this about Gavin Floyd not getting run support again?

Juan Pierre scored with no one out in the first, and that proved to be all the support Floyd would need. But, just for good measure, the Sox added 10 more runs. There. Was that enough for you, Gavin?

Joking aside, while it's true that Ryan Rowland-Smith and the anemic Seattle Mariners aren't exactly a great measuring stick for a potential playoff team, the White Sox have sure looked like a team with post season ambitions these past two nights at the Cell.

While everyone still wants to add a softball-style slugger to the lineup, the Sox offense has continued to string together base hits and score runs at a good pace. In fact, if you consider a game in which the opponent scores 4 runs or less and the Sox still lose the "fault" of the offense, I count only five such losses over the past two months. (Admittedly that is a somewhat cherry-picked stat, ignoring low-scoring wins and blowout losses. But it does show the offense's reliability overall.)

The three most recent "offense" losses came against Tommy Hunter (who is 8-0 with a 2.31 ERA on the season), Carl Pavano (whose mustache gives him super-human powers) and King Felix Hernandez (who the Sox turned around and beat five days later, even though he is possibly the best pitcher in the league).

It may well be that the Sox get a new bat before Saturday night, but the offense has definitely done it's job more than capably over the last two months. (More on deadline trades coming tomorrow.)

Floyd's run of dominance, while not totally unexpected or unpredicted, is still spectacular. Over his last 10 stars, Floyd has allowed a total of eight earned runs and a staggering zero homeruns. His season ERA, which was as high as 6.64 on June 4, is now 3.66. Dropping three full runs in under two months? How often has that been done?

One other crazy thing about last night's game: the Sox scored 11 runs tonight and Tony Pena pitched an inning... and the game still lasted only 2:04. That is impressive.


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