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Pierresednik, Or Who Else You Got That We Haven't Already Had?

by Mike DePilla
Monday, May 3, 2010
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The Sox return home tonight to face the Kansas City Royals, also known as the only thing between the Sox and that bottom black line in the newspaper column for the AL Central standings.

Of all the players those two teams have exchanged with one another over the past couple of years... well, let's just say there won't be much rubbing of anyone's faces in anything. Let's put it this way: I'm not expecting to hear the Cars' "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" anytime soon in reference to these players.

On the Royals side, Josh Fields in injured and out for the season. Chris Getz, no surprise, has already been on the DL. Brian Anderson has given up on hitting baseballs altogether. And the famed Dan Cortes and Tyler Lumsden aren't even with the organization anymore.

The White Sox bullpen careers of Andrew Sisco, Mike Macdougal and Horatio Ramirez amounted to just about nothing. Mark Teahen is redefining the word mediocre. Anybody else I'm forgetting was either terrible or not worth even mentioning.

Oh, then there's that one other guy.

Yes, Scott Podsednik, discarded by the Sox like an old shoe, is off to a hot start for the Royals. He's cooled off in the last week, but is still sporting a .326 average, .390 OBP and 9 stolen bases in 11 attempts. What's more, I even saw him make a nifty diving catch in left field to bail Zack Greinke out in Tampa Bay last week. I though Scott Podsednik playing defense was only a myth!

That guy might look nice at the top of the Sox line up right about now, eh? Considering the struggles of the Sox offense in general and Juan Pierre in specific, it's easy to second guess the Sox decision to drop Podsednik. But don't, because as JJ at White Sox Examiner explains, it was still the right move at the time.

That's not defending the trade for Pierre, who has been astoundingly bad in the early going but somehow got promoted back to lead off tonight. While I'm on the subject, I've been looking for concrete reasons to argue Pierre will turn things around besides "He's way f**kin below his G** d*** career averages." So far all I can come up with is his line in 2006 with the Cubs: he hit .240 in April + May and then .315 for the rest of the season.

So that's... something.

Podsednik is unlikely to keep up his production all season and/or avoid a nagging injury, but that's what we said about his .300 average last year as well. He at least deserves some praise for performing this well for this long.

Hopefully Ozzie will take the high road and avoid trashing his former player today, a road he turned off of a long time ago with respect to Nick Swisher. After Swisher's homerun and mini-celebration against the Sox on Saturday, Ozzie had the following to say:

"That's the way he is. Good for him, enjoy it. I wish he could do it for me, he was a very horseshit player for me.''

If you ask me it's pretty tactless and childish the way Guillen carries on about Swisher. Swisher wasn't very good here, OK. Why Ozzie continues to take personal shots at the guy is beyond me. Just please stop.

Anyway, Jake Peavy on the bump for the Sox tonight. He's never gone this far into a season without a W. I say he gets one tonight.

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe what Podsednik is doing this year of for that matter the last couple, I was sure he would be washed up by now.