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On Bunting

by Mike DePilla
Friday, April 9, 2010

There is nothing in the world I hate more than a sacrifice bunt with a runner on first base.

It is the lowest percentage play in the situation and only one step short of an outright admission by a manager of no confidence in his team's hitting abilities. Everyone who's ever read a word of this column knows my feelings on the matter.

The fact that Ozzie Guillen implemented that losing strategy with his best hitter at the plate, and with a potential base-stealer on first, and with a wild pitcher on the mound, and that it happened twice in last night's game only fuels my rage.

I'd rather watch Vito Spatafore cook up Johnny Cakes in New Hampshire than see another wasted at bat due to Ozzie's stubborn bunt-first-ask-questions-later strategy.

But since Ozzie will abandon the bunt at approximately the same time Seth Green plays an adult in a movie, it's something that I will continue to see red about for a long time to come.


A few other things from the cold, dreary Cell of the last two days:

Why is Alex Rios moved off center field for Andruw Jones? Jones may be a nose hair better than Rios in center (I don't buy it, but it's a possibility), but is it really worth juggling the whole outfield and moving Rios to a position he's never played at the major league level?

And if it is worth it (which again, I don't buy), than wouldn't it be better to move Rios to right and Quentin over to left? All this added flexibility may not be a good thing- Rios needs to be in center every day and Guillen's adulation of veteran bench players needs to be kept in check.


The Sox aren't hitting, but one thing they are doing well is drawing walks. As a team, they've drawn 19 walks in just three games. Of course, a lot of that is due to the wildness of Indians pitchers. But it is encouraging nonetheless.


I'm trying really hard to hold off on a Mark Teahen rant. He doesn't have a hit and has looked lost on defense. Please Mark, make this easy on everyone and get it together very soon.


Is there any other team in the majors as out of sync on relays as the Sox? For a team that supposedly is all about the fundamentals, the Sox are routinely awful on relay throws and have been for years.

1 comment:

  1. I really agree with you on Rios, moving him is just dumb. This is not going to help in the field and likely will effect him at the plate.