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Konerko's Hot, Pierre's Not

by Mike DePilla
Thursday, April 29, 2010
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Spurred by another 0-fer by the Sox lead off man, I came here yesterday afternoon to write about Juan Pierre's incredibly poor start to the season. But, after checking Sox Machine, I saw that Jim Margalus had already taken the words out of my mouth. Like, exactly.

So check out his Pierre piece here. And just pretend I wrote it.

Pierre followed up one of his worst showings of the season Tuesday with arguably an even worse one last night: 1-4, CS, 4 LOB and not one but two double-play ground outs. So he basically made six outs in four at bats.

Then he added another 0-5 today, unable to get the ball out of the infield, while stranding three more on base. His average now sits at an even .200. Will this provide even more impetus for Ozzie Guillen to move Pierre at least out of the lead off spot, if not out of the line up entirely, for a while?


As frustrating as these first few weeks of the season have been, it's hard to take the Sox seriously when they trot out a starting line up like the one we saw last night. Coming into the game, the Sox starting nine was a combined 107-500 on the season. That pencils out to a .214 batting average.

Additionally, I was told a rumor that the combined OPS of last night's starting line up was the worst by a team in the history of major league baseball this far into a season. I am not 100% sure whether that is true or not, but the fact that it is even remotely believable is in itself disheartening. It's hard to get invested into a team that bad.


Just in from Texas: Paul Konerko has tied the Sox record for most homeruns in the month of April with 10. Congrats on the hot start to the season, Paulie!

The Sox were able to avoid the sweep with a 7-5 win in Arlington this afternoon. Konerko's two dingers helped (and kept the two-homers-or-lose streak alive for the Sox), but the Rangers gift-wrapped this one for the Sox with wildness on the mound (7 walks and a two-run-scoring wild pitch by Rangers pitching today) and some bad defense in the late innings.

Nonetheless, the Sox will gladly take the victory. Off to New York to face the defending champs over the weekend.


  1. I didn't see this start coming from Konerko at all, in fact I had real worries about his play this year.

  2. Nice, well written article.

    I'm excited to see the Sox come to town tonight. Should be a good game. I hope Pettitte continues to dominate. He's been pretty amazing so far (3-0, 1.29).

    We each have one mane carrying our clubs at the moment, so I guess it's Konerko vs Cano. Good times.


  3. Thanks Richard.

    Pettitte's start has been almost as crazy as Cano's and Konerko's. What fountain of youth did HE drink from?