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More on Thome

By Mike DePilla
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Never in the history of the internet has the blogosphere been so unanimous on a baseball decision. (Who says I can't throw a little hyperbole in here?) Take a look at some other Sox writers and bloggers opining about the Sox' rejection of Jim Thome.
  • Sox Machine. Key line: "It’s not robbing Peter to pay Paul — it’s bludgeoning Peter to death, and then realizing on the way back that you forgot to grab his wallet."
  • South Side Sox. Key line: "Even more unfortunate is the average-at-best category has essentially been handed full-time DH duties. The addition of Thome wasn't some type of zero-sum game to the White Sox bottom line, even if it might have been for Jones and Kotsay's at-bats. [...] there isn't any debating that Thome is a better run-producer than even a platoon of Jones/Kotsay.
  • 35th Street Review. Key line: "Your team has one DH, our team has THREE! Battalion of Bash! Army of Awesome! Team of Destiny!"
  • White Sox Examiner. Key line: "When Jones was signed and Kotsay was brought back, I was in favor of both moves because I expected both to fill bench roles. Now that they're going to be expected to do more than that, I'm much less enthused with the moves."
and of course yours truly:
  • White Sox Mix. Key line: "Mark Kotsay and Andruw Jones will not have to suffer the indignation of seeing their somehow "earmarked" at-bats taken away by a superior hitter with a higher standing in the White Sox community. [...] There is literally zero benefit to the decisions the Sox are making. If we were debating Thome vs. another free agent, at least there would be decent discussion. On this there is simply isn't. It's like arguing about the relative values of a quarter and a nickel."

Those are all great blogs, by the way. Give them all a read. But I never would have thought Jim Thome, who by most measures is far from a sure thing with a bat in his hands these days, would inspire this much agreement.


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