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A Never-Say-Dye Prediction

by Mike DePilla
Friday, October 9, 2009

Apropos of nothing: When thinking about the myriad off season possibilities for the White Sox, I came up with the following prediction. Bear in mind, this is not rooted in any fact, rumor or inside info. This is purely the work of my mind, filled with endless baseball thoughts, working in its weird way.

Anyway, here, on October 9, is my prediction.

  • After the Sox decline Jermaine Dye's $12 million option for 2010, Dye will sign a 1-year deal, possibly with a 2011 option, with the Texas Rangers to split time between DH and RF.
  • The White Sox will pursue other avenues to fill their OF/DH power bat need.
  • Though Dye has a resurgent first half, the Rangers will fall out of contention in the AL West by July 2010.
  • Realizing they are in contention in the AL Central (due to phenomenal starting pitching) but in need of an additional power bat in the line up (due to injuries/ineffectiveness), the White Sox will re-acquire Dye in a surprising trade one or two weeks before the July 31, 2010 deadline and Sox fans will welcome him back with open arms, giving him a standing ovation in his first at-bat back at Cell.

Yup, just like Carl Everett, the Alomar brothers, Scott Podsednik and Freddy Garcia before, Dye will make a return trip to Chicago when Ken Williams makes the call. After all, its once a Sox, always a Sox. (Except for Jose Paniagua.)

It just seems so White Sox-fitting. And I'm not saying that sarcastically. (At least, not entirely sarcastically.) It's a perfect White Sox story.

You can laugh and call me a nut job (and certainly I am no Mike Blowers- check that out!) but I think Jermaine still has some gas left in the tank, especially if he doesn't have to play the field. Remember, he hit .302 with 20 homers before the All-Star break this year. I don't know if he can replicate those numbers, but I do think he will be a positive force wherever he ends up in 2010.

There are so many other things that are going to happen to the Sox in the meantime, as they deal with their issues involving the bullpen, the outfield, the DH, team chemistry, team OBP, team speed and so on. I expect a couple of vintage Ken Williams under-the-radar significant moves before pitchers and catcher report in four months.

So I'm sure sure there will be tons more discussion here about the flurry of rumors and moves. None might involve Jermaine Dye. But, on October 9, 2009, that is my first 2010 prediction.

Remember, Kenny works in mysterious ways.


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