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Cy Mitre Stymies the Sox

by Mike DePilla
Sunday, August 30, 2009

With all due respect to the May 21, 20-1 walloping by the Twins on the day Jake Peavy rejected his first chance to join the Sox, yesterday's 10-0 shellacking at Yankee Stadium is the worst game of the season. One hit, two walks and three errors.

On the bright side, no Sox runners were thrown out at the plate, and the team's record in one-run games didn't get worse.

Honestly though, watching Derek Jeter and the Yankees, do they even take this Sox team seriously?

Hawk was as downtrodden as I've ever heard him on the air yesterday afternoon. For the most part, he was completely on the money, calling out the team for a large majority of its struggles. Except for one thing. Trying to give the Sox a compliment, he called said that despite their struggles they are "resilient." Sorry Hawk, but I'm going to have to call BS on that one.

This is not a resilient team. Last year, 2008, despite their struggles the Sox were a resilient team. This 2009 version is a tip you cap, when you get down you're out team. If today wasn't an example of that, I don't know what is.

Ken Williams and the Sox seemed pretty pleased to rid themselves of Orlando Cabrera, Nick Swisher and Javy Vazquez, the so-called "clubhouse cancers/mental midgets" after last season. But despite whatever character issues those guys allegedly had, that 2008 club fared better than this one. So either clubhouse intangibles don't matter, or last year's clubhouse wasn't so bad after all.

The fact is, this team just isn't fun. And I'm not talking about Nick Swisher invent-a-new-dance-for-every-RBI-groundout fun. I mean fun to watch as a fan. Have you ever seen a more lethargic, boring team? A sad realization hit me yesterday. Heading into the top of the 5th inning the TV flashed "Due up for the Sox: Konkero, Thome, Dye," and I shuttered. Three great men, great hitters, and it dawned on me that for some reason I have no enthusiasm about them coming up to the plate to start an inning.

As for yesterday's game,there's no point in getting angry with Jose Contreras for being terrible again. He's battled hard for the White Sox for 5 years, but there's just nothing left in the tank anymore. What can you expect from him? But to scratch out only one hit off Sergio Mitre? Wow.

Ozzie's post-game rant might by the Sox a win today, but what difference is it going to make? Nobody will be benched, fired or traded. This is your 2009 Chicago White Sox, love 'em or hate 'em.


One sidenote: I don't know what to make of Jayson Nix's defense. Everything you read says this guy has the glove of Roberto Alomar. Yet he continues to be massively unimpressive in the field. Fielding errors, throwing errors, mental errors... the only thing I've seen him do well on a consistent basis is turn the double play- there's no doubt he's a pro at that. But, considering his reputation, I expected better overall D out of the guy, even as a rookie.


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