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The White Sox and the World Series

by: Mauricio Rubio Jr.

The White Sox are playing out of their minds right now in a pretty weak division, giving many fans hope that maybe they can compete for a division crown. The truth lies somewhere in how good the Sox actually are and how bad the Tigers/Twins may be.

The truth might be that the Sox might not be as good as they seem to be; they were slightly overplaying their Pythagorean W-L record by a mere one game. The truth also could be that the Tigers and Twins are not as good as they seem to be; moreso in the case of the Tigers as they are playing way over their heads, whereas I believe that the Twins will continue to surge.

Perhaps the question really isn't whether or not the Sox are good enough to win a bad division, but rather, are they good enough to win the whole thing?

Old axioms would suggest that they are, they have a rock solid bullpen, they have two or maybe three solid horses in the rotation, depending on what version of Jose Contreras shows up, they have a good mix of youth and veteran leadership, and they have that all important ability to win on the road.

The answers will be provided before the trade deadline with the Sox toughest stretch of games to come. They could perform badly and still win this division, but if they can pull off a winning second half, then they enter the realm of being serious contenders for the main crown instead of also-rans in the playoffs.

Sure, what the Sox have done thus far is impressive, but the true test of a team comes in October, and perhaps the Sox have all the peices needed to win. But if they don't, there isn't a better manager-GM partnership in baseball that can recognize it. Ozzie and Kenny are brutally honest. Ozzie has been saying all along that even he does not know how good the Sox are.

The White Sox are a team in flux at this point, unsure about whether it should buy, sell, or stand pat at the deadline, but they'll know what to do by then. The Sox are not content to compete for simple division crowns, they're eyes are always on the ultimate prize.

The fans should share a similar hunger, and if they aren't good enough, they should not ask to sell the farm just to win a weak central.


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