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A Trade I Would Make Right Now

by Mike DePilla
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not that I am in the business of telling Kenny Williams what to do (though secretly I do just that anyway), but with all this Roy Halladay/general trade deadline talk lately, I thought I would throw my trade proposal into the hat:

Blue Jays get:
Alexei Ramirez
Aaron Poreda
Clayton Richard
Tyler Flowers
One other mid-level prospect

White Sox get:
Roy Halladay
Scott Rolen

Yes, this is pretty close to a completely-emptying-the-cupboard move. And there's no assurance, even with all the talent there, that would be enough to get Halladay and Rolen. But it's worth a shot. Here's my reasoning.

Roy Halladay is, in case you don't follow the sport of baseball, the best pitcher in the sport of baseball. He's a 200+ inning per year workhorse who goes deep into games and sports gaudy stats, from the biggies like wins, ERA and WHIP to the so-called peripherals like HR allowed, K/BB, K/9, BB/9, etc. On top of that, he has a fair market contract. There really isn't any further need to make a case for acquiring Halladay.

The key to this is Rolen. The Jays are going to want talent in return for Halladay--Brian Anderson, Josh Fields and Chris Getz sadly isn't going to get it done. One guy they might be interested in is Alexei, a young, cheap, exciting and athletic player. While it might hurt the Sox at the dish, losing Alexei might fit perfectly into my idea of improving the Sox defensively. Imagine moving Gordon Beckham to his natural position of SS, where his defense would be roughly the same as Alexei "La-La Land" Ramirez, and moving Rolen and his stellar D to the hot corner.

Pitching and defense wins championships. It's unlikely the Sox could go all the way with the porous defense they're currently sporting. But bringing in a vet to shore up the D and bring stability to the infield would settle a few concerns, and improve the pitching over night.

The fact that Scott Rolen is having an above-average season at the plate-- .325 average, .386 OBP and a 24-game hitting streak-- is a bonus. The key is his glove.

Considering I question his defense, baseball IQ and approach at the plate, I'm far from Alexei Ramirez's biggest fan, but even I acknowledge that it would be a significant blow to lose his bat in the line up. To me, that's just the price you have to pay to bring in a guy like Halladay.

Aaron Poreda and Tyler Flowers are also top prospects, but again I am willing to sell high on these guys- possibly selling out the future just a tad to improve the Sox chances in '09.

Last week I mentioned two other guys the cash-strapped Blue Jays are looking to dump. There's no question the team is in salary-cutting mode, as despite their hit start to the season they're all but eliminated in the deep AL East. Would you be willing to part with the amount of young talent it would take to bring in a Cy Young award winner like Halladay? Would you go the extra mile to shore up the Sox infield defense and bring playoff-tested, veteran stability to the line up?

Tough choices for Kenny. Whatever he does, I'll be here with more, uh, "advice."


  1. The Jays would take that trade, but it's a bad one for the White Sox. The Sox might just be good enough to win this thing as it stands, they have Halladay in Buehrle, and those are extremely valuable pieces to a future that the Sox should also take into consideration.

    Also consider that the Sox cut payroll this offseason just removed from an exciting division crown and I can't see them taking on that much payroll. I mean, what's going to happen when AJ gets older?

  2. Good points. But the Sox have a lot of dough coming off the books after this season: Jim Thome, Jose Contreras and Octavio Dotel are the biggies. So they're going to have a little money to play with for 2010.

    Plus if you make a blockbuster trade and bring in Halladay (and Rolen), I bet they'd fill 30,000 seats at the Cell every night.

  3. About 40 mil. I dunno, I think the Sox would be better served keeping those guys long term, which is what I think Kenny is thinking. They don't like giving big money contracts to pitchers either, seeing pitchers as unreliable and injury prone.

    I think Ozzie and Kenny are waiting until they play some really good teams to see where they are, and if they are for real or not.

  4. I agree re: long term pitching contracts. Plain and simple, the Sox just don't do 'em. The only exceptions to this are Mark Buehrle, Jake Peavy and Roy Halladay. Kenny has a thing for those guys, and I think those are the only three big money pitchers you'd ever see the Sox take on. Otherwise, you have to be cheap, or the other team has to pick up part of the tab.

  5. Also, while fans and columnists may be skeptical, I don't think Kenny needs to see anything else to make a big trade. If he sees a big move that he likes today, the trade will get done. The team playing well now and only 2 games out of first. Knowing his agressive personality, I think he's past the "wait and see" mode.

  6. I knew there was going to be a Halladay trade post soon, I was hoping everyone would take the high road and mention that there is no way the Sox persue this, as every other Sox beat writer has mentioned. The fact is that Halladay has a no trade clause, just like Peavy. Not only that why are you making the trade bigger and crazier by throwing in Rolen? They dont need an aging injury prone third baseman. If Richard, Poreda, and another prospect was enough to get Peavy, it should be enough to get Halladay. Oh and then he can still deny the trade. And by the way, Beckham cannot play shortstop in the major leagues, the guy was on pace for over 30 errors at short in the minors. If you want to improve the Sox defensivly that sure wont do it.

  7. Well, the Sox just traded their #4 ranked prospect (Brandon Allen) for an arguably superfluous bullpen arm. Whatever you think of Tony Pena, the Sox bullpen was in pretty good shape already. So I'm sure they're going to look into improving the rotation, especially after Clayton Richard's disastrous outing today.

    I'm certainly not going to say a trade for Halladay *will* happen- I'd probably give it a 10% chance- but you're crazy if you don't think Kenny is at least going to pursue it.

    I don't see why Halladay would reject the trade, Peavy-style. Getting out of the AL East and into a real pennant race? As Hawk would say "yes, HELL yes!"

  8. I agree that Kenny will at least look at it, and I am in no way against it, but I am not giving up Flowers or Ramirez. As I said, if it was just Halladay I would be willing to part with Poreda, Richard and someone mid level, but probably only if they can sign Roy to an extension past next year. As for Allen, first base is not a position where anyone in the minors will see the big leagues soon. I would love to get Halladay, but only at the right price. As said before, how close are they to a Title this year...