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Not a Joke: Peavy to the White Sox

by Mike DePilla
Friday, July 31, 2009

In what is possibly the weirdest, most unexpected deadline deal ever, the White Sox just acquired Cy Young winner Jake Peavy, a man who rejected a trade to Chicago just two months ago and is currently on the DL with an ankle injury, from the San Diego Padres for four pitchers.

Just further proof that when Kenny Williams sets his sights on a particular player, that player will be a White Sox, no matter how long it takes. When Kenny wants you, you are a White Sox.

Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda, Dexter Carter and Adam Russell are headed to San Diego.

Peavy, who is signed through 2012 with a team option for 2013, hasn't pitched since early June, and likely won't be ready to go until the end of August. Trading for injured players is always risky, but it is an ankle injury- his right arm is all the Sox really care about.

For the short term, I would have really liked a true centerfielder to shore up the Sox line up. Even if Peavy returns soon and is dominant on the mound, he is not going to make a huge impact in the 2009 AL Central race. (If the team makes the playoffs... different story.) The Sox offense has been very inconsistent, their defense borderline brutal and their outfield a patchwork of partially injured players. Those were the areas of need for 2009.

But for the long term this should definitely be a win for the Sox. The Sox starting rotation for the next three years:

Mark Buehrle
Jake Peavy
John Danks
Gavin Floyd
Dan Hudson

Damn good. Damn good.

If the Sox wanted to add an ace in the off season they could, ostensibly, have had their pick of Roy Halladay or Brandon Webb, but both would have cost more and been signed shorter-term than Peavy. Instead they got an ace without giving up any of their truly top-level prospects (Flowers, Jordan Danks, Hudson.)

There are definitely a ton of questions here. (Is this a case of the Sox being the last girl at the bar at closing time for Peavy to go home with? Will he pitch, and pitch effectively, again in 2009?) But one thing is for sure: Never underestimate the creativity of one Kenny Williams.


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